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picture of a mature female IT profession

"The technology you use impresses no one... the experience you create with it is everything." 
- Sean Gerety

Learn.  Design.  Build.  Refine.  Start over. I take a lot of pride in making things work.  But I'm obsessive about making them work better.


for good

With a diverse skillset and a creative edge, I'm always looking for ways to improve the process and enhance the business. My work history includes stints in industry, social work and safety management long before I integrated those great experiences into a career in Information Technology.

I "speak" both hardware and software as well as data and design, all with a Canadian accent.

In the IT world, almost two decades ago I cut my teeth on process control systems for barcode labelers with lumber giant Weyerhaeuser, then worked as a Hewlett Packard support team member at Convergys. Soon after, I designed my own international internship at a small computer repair company in Philadelphia, and finally landed as the IT manager - systems analyst - data analyst - developer and resident technology magician for a now-thriving business in Aston, PA.  I took those skills and levelled up in a new environment in Hatboro, PA and found even more creative ways to help grow the company as both a servant leader and a thought leader.  

What am I looking for? Challenge. A place to be creative. Data to manage, and turn into useful information. Systems to keep humming. Awesome co-workers to support as they transform a great organization into an even better one. Somewhere that I can take the company's "what if we could?" 's and make them into "wow! we did!" 's.

Because IT's primary role should be to support the business, not the other way around.
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